What we did

Brand Design
Website Design & Development
Marketing & Promotion


Type: Food/Medical
Completed: 2017
Market: Worldwide


"MADI" came to us and asked us to push her makeup and tutorial business online! The photo's of the work we saw as shown in one example above blew us away and gave us so much opportunity to show this off in an arty and creative way.

A clean, modern and recognizable brand was created and pushed online, using the artists favourite colours. After this came the website which is due to launch early March 2017. The website provides a fluid connection between all social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This way the artist wouldn’t need to update the website separately and it makes the SEO side of the site a lot more pleasing to the likes of Google, and other major search engines. This all makes her life much easier on the road as an artist on film sets.

We are currently working with the artist to design and develop a cross-platform app to provide the public and makeup enthusiasts a fun way to learn makeup, watch makeup tutorials in a fun and graphical way, and a user experience that we have found lacking in every other makeup tutorial app or video.